How to choose correct App type to intergrate Zoom API

I want to implement Zoom API and Meeting SDK to my LMS, but i have to trouble, how to choose correct app type to achieve my task…

In my LMS has three user roles they are
Admin,Teacher and Student.So i need to use teacher’s own zoom account to create and host meetings via LMS(without going zoom developer and making api credentials ) and also student has able to join teacher hosted meeting to by using thier own zoom account via mentioned LMS,both user roles are able to do that via LMS without going zoom developer and creating api credentials for thier individual accounts …how to achieve this task.

Hi @ishanmadhawa .

Here’s some suggestion, but these are not reference architecture. You might want to customize it to your own needs.

Let’s assume your solution is going to be purely web based

App types I would need.

  • Server to Server OAuth (S2S OAuth) This would give me account level access to API
  • Meeting SDK This would give me the credentials to auth with the Web SDK

High level steps

  1. Use S2S OAuth to create meeting under teacher’s user account. The teacher will need to sign in to your LMS system, and create the meeting in your LMS system. When the teacher creates a meeting, the developer will need to call the API, Create Meeting .A JSON object with the meeting details will be return in the HTTP response.
  2. The meeting details should be stored in your own database, or it can also be retrieved from the API Get Meeting . You will need the meeting details for the students to join the meeting on the Meeting SDK for Web. When joining the meeting you will need sdkKey, signature (role is set to 0), meetingNumber, passWord and userName
  3. Similarly the teacher will also need the meeting details. But to start the meeting as a host, there is an additional step. You will need to ensure that the role in JWT Auth Token is set to 1, and retrieve the host’s ZAK token from the API. When starting a meeting, it is similar to the participant in point 2, but you will need to change signature (role is set to 1) and you will need to have an additional token ZAK

Pass these into the join function, and you will be able to start the meeting as host.

Hi Chun, Thanks for your response…When we use Server to Server OAuth (S2S OAuth), Are we need to create different client_id and client secret for each registered teacher to use Zoom API? This means my requirement is that teachers can use their own Zoom account for creating meetings and hosting purposes. reason for that, when I used a single Zoom account to call Zoom API., the teacher may create two or more Zoom meetings in the same meeting start dates and times.

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