Create meeting with for host and attendee/attendees and join them with WebSDK

Currently I’m working on integration Zoom into react application that aims to connect teachers and students both peer-to-peer and teacher to group of students (max 5). Students should be able to connect via browser so I already managed to integrate WebSDK and test it locally, I’m creating meeting inside desktop app and successfully connecting to it with the SDK in browser. The next step is to create (schedule) meeting automatically for teacher (assuming he already has zoom account) as host (students will only be able to connect to meeting via web interface). As JWT app is created I also want to use it with api endpoints for creation of meeting, I’ll using jwt library for node, API_KEY and API_SECRET to generate token to authorize at api endpoint.

Is this a right flow and what pricing plan should be used for JWT App holder?
For what thing I as JWT app holder will be charged assuming there are a lot of teachers and students and they are having meetings at the same time?
How many meetings I can create for teacher per day?

P.S. Sorry I’m new to zoom, but looks like it’s possible to achieve it with zoom-sdk and zoom-api, Thank you!

No error, just want to understand some parts and edge cases

Hey @kidnapkin,

Yes that is a good flow!

The pricing of the JWT App holder is a Pro account.

You can have multiple meetings at the same time, as long as they are hosted by seperate users on your account.

Let me know if that answers your questions! :slight_smile: