How to create and start multiple meeting at the same time?

i am creating an online web app using Laravel and one of the main feature i want to add is to make the teachers able to create meeting using api and start meeting in my own app using sdk even at the same time but i ran into a problem,

i create and start the meeting using my account jwt app key and secret and it works fine but when i try to create a new meeting and start it while the other meeting is already in progress i get error saying that i can’t start new meeting because i’ve already started a new one.

so my purpose is to allow different teachers to start different meetings even if the meetings will start at the same time, how to achieve this? am i gonna need to subscribe for a paid plan or something?

also i would like to know what is the difference between an account and a user?

and what is a license?

best regards and thank you

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Hi @ahmedgamal1994,

A Zoom user can only have one active meeting at a time. To host multiple meetings at once, you will need to create multiple users/hosts under your account.

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