How to decode meeting password from meeting link

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The meeting link look like this Error - Zoom
So it contains the password of the meeting,

In my web app I need user to enter meetingId and meeting password (which for both there is no copy button in the zoom desktop), so to make it easier for user I want to let user copy paste the whole zoom meeting url, then I extract meetingId and password from Url, meetingId is straight forward, password seems to be hashed. I tried base64, and double base64, seems not to correct.

Wondering how can I decode the password hash from URL

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  2. Click on green icon top left
  3. Copy url

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Hi @reza.rahmati,

There is no way for you to decrypt the password from the Zoom Join link, since it’s encrypted by Zoom’s internal systems, and releasing the method for hashing the password could allow attackers to bypass a unique join URL and enter a meeting directly, without being invited.


Thanks for jumping in @alexmayo :slight_smile:

Let us know if you have additional questions @reza.rahmati!


Thank you for response, then would you please consider adding a “copy” button for meeting if and password, because as soon as you get away from zoom that dialog containg information got closed, so usually to type meeting id and password in another app you will open that info dialog 7 8 times.

Hey @reza.rahmati,

As it looks like this is related to the Zoom Desktop App, I recommend reaching out via our Feedback Form or reaching out to our Customer Support Team to submit a feature request. Those channels will make sure the feature request is sent to the right team.


Thanks Max, I send a feature request, but I received this

Unfortunately, we are unable to respond to your open tickets at this time. We encourage you to leverage our Online Resources. If you are a part of a corporate account, and need advanced technical support beyond our Online Resources, please contact your Zoom account administrators.

We understand that some of these changes are challenging, and we appreciate your patience as we scale up our support to meet the increased customer demand.

Hi @reza.rahmati,

Thank you for providing this information. In this case, do you see this when you submit a ticket through our customer support team. If so, you can submit a feature request through our Feedback Form.


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