How to Delete Zoom Recording from API

I am writing to request the deletion of a meeting recording and meeting details from our Zoom account from the code. I am unable to find the Scopes[DELETE] and API documentation for deleting meeting recording so could you please assistance for this issue.

Hi @ramki ,

Here’s the API endpoints of interest and you’ll see the scopes labeled there as well:

Hello @gianni.zoom
Thank you for your response, but I am still getting the error that I have mentioned below.

async function deleteRecording() {
  const accountId = "*********";
  const meetingId = "*******";
  const recordingId = "*********";

  try {
    const deleteResponse = await axios.delete(`${accountId}/meetings/${meetingId}/recordings`, {
      headers: {
        'Authorization': `Bearer ${accessToken}`,

    console.log("Recording deleted successfully:",;
  } catch (error) {
    console.error('Error deleting recording:',;
I am getting the error while doing deletion:


"code": 4711,

"message": "Invalid access token, does not contain scopes:[recording:master, recording:write:master]."


I am getting invalid scopes, but I have given scopes in the code and marketplace, but I am unable to find the [recording:write:master]. I only found the [recording:master].


If a Zoom call is recorded on the cloud, can someone access the recording and metadata? If yes, what system is required?

Hi @ramki ,

This is the master account endpoint. Do you have a master-subaccount structure? If not, please use the endpoint I linked earlier. The difference is the {accoundId} portion.

If you do in fact have a master-subaccount structure with appropriate scopes added, please try uninstalling your app, regenerating your application credentials, and generating a new access token with the generated credentials. Use the new token to access the endpoint.

Hello Gianni,

That issue was resolved, so I want to know how I can get total cloud storage in Zoom.
can I achieve this with an API? If possible, could you suggest me?

@ramki , what do you mean by total cloud storage?

Here’s our support docs on cloud recording:

I need to retrieve comprehensive storage details for all completed meetings. For instance, I want to find out how much space ten finished meetings take up in the cloud. Can you help me understand the total storage used by these meetings?

Hi @ramki ,

That will depend on the meeting size, length and features used during the meeting. This support article reviews this and has helpful links for seeing how much storage is being used:

Hi Gianni,
I’m asking for access to Zoom’s whole cloud storage via an API.
Can I make this happen?

Hi @ramki , you can see all the recordings for individual users, but not all recordings across an entire account via API at this time.