How to disable screen recorder and screen shoret in zoom sdk

We use below methods to start Zoom Meeting-

JoinMeetingHelper.getInstance().joinMeetingWithNumber(this, meetingNo, “”);

But, this navigates to SDK and starts the meetinf, which is in a different Activity, and hence unable to block screen screenshot/recording.

So, require your help, so that we can have control on UI, which is used for live meeting, and hence we can control the live meeting hosting Activit

Hi webtraceliveclasses

Thanks for using Zoom SDK. You can define your own MeetingActivity, for example, MyMeetingActivity and inherit the SDK’s MeetingActivity like this:

public class MyMeetingActivity extends MeetingActivity

and then set the following in your config.xml(

<string name="zm_config_conf_activity">MyMeetingActivity</string>

Then you can implement your own business logic or constraints (like blocking the screen short or screent recording) in MyMeetingActivity. You may refer to the implementation of example2 in our demo app:

Hope this helps. Thanks!