How to display meeting in iframe

I have integrated zoom api in laravel and it works fine but i want to display meeting in iframe. so can you suggest me how I can do this.

Hi @vikashkeswani,

We do recommend iFraming the web sdk—this is not something we support at the moment. In order to avoid any issues, we recommend implementing the sdk in its entirety as its own web app.


I have implemented the websdk in my laravel project and it works fine I have to open my meeting in iframe or in div so doesn’t take entire screen in display meeting info

Hi @vikashkeswani,

While you may have success with this, iFraming the Web SDK can sometimes cause issues with serving mixed content, getting browser access to camera/mic, etc.

You’re of course welcome to do this, but just wanted to offer a word of warning. :slight_smile:


but Now it give me another issue when I join the meeting, it successfully joined shows in the console but browser screen appears black I tried a lot with version changing and with signature but issue not resolved yet.
version of zoom websdk : 1.8.0

The black screen is a common issue and usually means that you arent preloading the Wasm files or SDK.


Also, which CDN and Version are you using?

currently i am using 1.8.0 version and at the top of javascript file I Place these Wasm loading request codes.


Please try CDN version 1.8.1:

I have changed the CDN and again I tried before this but still issue is same

Hi @vikashkeswani,

Can you please share your code snippet where you’re loading the wasm files/sdk and calling the init/join functions? I’m happy to take a closer look.


zoom solution

Implement the zoom web SDK in a separate URL and refer that url in iframe src.
Tip : don’t add your laravel project CSS

Black screen also appeared to me but with little CSS it worked fine.
#zmmtg-root {
height: auto;
width: auto;

Hi @vikashkeswani,

Thanks for sharing this—I’ve requested access.

Thanks for sharing this tip, @gagandeep.singh!

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