How to enable 3D Avatar

I am looking for a way to enable 3D Avatars in the iOS Meeting SDK. I am using an iPad Pro for testing. The Zoom application normally allows me to use 3D Avatars without issue. However, when using the MobileRTCSample of Meeting SDK on the same iPad Pro, I do not see an option to select a 3D Avatar.

Which iOS Meeting SDK version?
meetingSDK: v5.14.5.7861
app: MobileRTCSample

To Reproduce(If applicable)

  1. Join meeting at MobileRTCSample in iPadPro
  2. Select Backgrounds & Effects in More
  3. There is no Avatar Term

Smartphone (please complete the following information):
iPadPro 11inc 3rd genaration

Hi @innovate ,

3D avatar is not available on SDK at the moment.

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