Are there zoom settings that are known not to work on the mobile SDK?

Hi, one of our users is reporting that people are unable to join their zoom webinars and meetings on both the iOS SDK and android SDK. The same people are however able to join using the zoom app itself. I’m wondering if there are any known zoom account settings the would result in webinars and meetings not being joinable from both mobile SDKs?

Which Mobile Meeting SDK version?
Android SDK version: v5.7.6.1922
iOS SDK version: v5.7.6.1082

Smartphone (please complete the following information):
Definitely occurred on a Pixel 3 and a iPhone XR but seems like it was occurring on all android and iOS devices.

Hi @dan1994, thanks for the post.

There are settings that cannot be modified by the SDK, but nothing that shouldn’t apply to SDK users. Is it possible that the meetings and webinars require authentication and the users were only logged in on the client? Are there any specific errors that are showing up?



We are now experiencing this issue on another webinar. On iOS, the (void)onMeetingError:(MobileRTCMeetError)error message:(NSString *)message callback is getting trigger with error: MobileRTCMeetError_MeetingClientIncompatible and message: the mobilertc version is incompatible. We have the latest version of the SDK installed, do you have any ideas to why we are getting this error? Thank you.

Hi @jon.lieblich,

Thanks for the response. It’s not possible that the require authentication is causing this issue. Andy’s comment above speaks to the error message that the iOS sdk was returning in this scenario.


Hi @dan1994 and,

Thanks for providing the error message. This means that the account trying to use the SDK is configured to require a higher version of the SDK than you are using.

Currently the Zoom client is a little bit ahead of the SDK’s version. With the next release of the SDK (5.9.0), the SDK and the client will be on the same version moving forward. This version should be available later this month, but we don’t have an exact release date at the moment.

For the time being, you can instruct customers running into this issue to change the setting mentioned in this support article so that it is no higher than your SDK version (5.7.6).

Please let me know if you’re still experiencing issues after adjusting this setting and we can investigate further.


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