How to enable screen share and custom live stream for participant while creating meeting through API

I want to enable Screen Sharing by default for all the meetings that I create via API. I am using this API to create a new meeting.{userId}/meetings
This is the body that I am using
{Preformatted text "topic": "Meeting name", "type": 2, //schedule meeting "start_time": "2020-01-18T05:01:45.221Z", "duration": 240, "timezone": "Asia/Dubai", "password": "password", "agenda": "Meeting agenta", "settings": { "host_video": "false", "waiting_room": "false", "join_before_host": "true", "hd_video": "true", "approval_type": 2, "audio": "both", "auto_recording": "none", "enforce_login": "false", "close_registration": "true", "show_share_button": "true", "allow_multiple_devices": "false", "registrants_email_notification": "false" } }

I tried looking at the online documentation, but couldn’t find a field in the request to allow screen sharing to be turned on.

Whenever I try to share screen on a meeting generated by this API, I get the message saying Screen Sharing is disabled by the host .

Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?

Which Endpoint/s?{userId}/meetings

Dear Team,
Also not able to use Alternative Hosts, it’s saying to add the user to my account and after adding the user to my account it says “email is not a paid user

Hi @cs_dev,

Screen sharing will be enabled by default for meetings you create, unless you explicitly turn this off in your Account Settings.

In regards for the alternative_hosts field, the user you designate here must be a licensed user. The error message you’re receiving means the user is Basic/free.

Let me know if this helps to clarify,

Hi @will.zoom, thanks for the reply. In my settings, I enable the screen sharing option for all participants, but when I create a meeting through API and joined the meeting not able to share the screen. Please refer to the screenshot.

Hi @cs_dev,

Thanks for sharing this—can you provide one of the Meeting IDs you’re testing with? I’m happy to take a closer look.


Hi @will.zoom, the meeting ids are 86018702911, 86416366484, 87941762172, 89024335532, 83353891412, 81022404717, 89493669018

Hi @cs_dev,

Thanks for sharing these IDs—in taking a look at the first few, it appears that the host’s settings are set to “Host Only”:

Since the account wide settings are not locked, this means the API request will honor the host’s settings.

Let me know if this helps to clarify things!


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