How to enable to default waiting UI

I would like to create a meeting room with “Join before host” + waiting room, when I use the iOS SDK to connect to the room, there are no response when the room is not yet opened and cannot show the waiting UI on the mobile, are there any default waiting UI for iOS SDK? I only can find the customize waiting UI.

P.S. I found there is a default waiting UI for Android


Hey @wpw705

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Yes there is a default waiting room UI that should present itself automatically, similar to how the Zoom Client iOS app behaves. Have you been able to join an on-meeting successfully in the SDK (that is, a meeting has been started by someone and you enter that meeting)? If so, the default waiting UI should present itself.

If you would like to implement your own custom waiting room UI you will need to build a Custom Meeting UI. By enabling a custom meeting UI you can use the methods in MobileRTCWaitingRoomService, MobileRTCWaitingRoomServiceDelegate, to help configure your waiting room UI.