Show some waiting UI on top of zoom call

We are using zoom ios sdk. We would like to show some waiting UI on top of the zoom meeting UI while the host waits for the others to join the meeting. When someone joins the meeting we would like to remove this UI from zoom UI and continue with the call.

So we need to know below:

  • Is there something by default that shows this kind of UI or the ringing sound?
  • Is there any callback or delegate method that gets called when someone joins the meeting
  • How can we show some custom UI like a progress indicator or any other UI till someone joins the meeting?

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Hey @ganeshpotnuru414,

Thanks for using the dev forum!

To configure the UI of the waiting room you would have to build both a waiting room UI and a meeting UI.
The SDK allows for the standard Zoom Meeting UI, or an entirely custom meeting UI. If you decide to implement a custom meeting UI, you can present anything you would like for both the waiting room and meeting itself.

To do this you would set enableCustomMeeting in MobileRTCMeetingSettings to true before starting/joining the meeting. You will also have to implement a MobileRTCCustomizedUIMeetingDelegate, a MobileRTCMeetingServiceDelegate, and a MobileRTCWaitingRoomServiceDelegate. Through the delegate calls in these protocols you can listen for various events and present the UI elements you have created. There is examples of this within the MobileRTCSample application included within the SDK folder.


Thanks for the quick reply.

We are not using custom UI, we are using zoom default UI only.

My understanding of the waiting room feature is, if we enable it, users can wait even though the host did not start the meeting and the host can add one by one from this waiting room to the call. If this is correct, we are not looking for this.

In the default zoom UI only, when a host starts a meeting and waiting for others to join, will there be any method that gets triggered when someone joins the same meeting?

I see below method of protocol MobileRTCUserServiceDelegate is being called
onSinkMeetingUserJoin(_ userID: UInt)

But the same method is also being called no only on the host side but also on the other side.

And with the default Zoom UI, how can we show a progress indicator or dial tone or some other UI on top of zoom call UI indicating the host is waiting for some one to join.

Hey @ganeshpotnuru414,

This is correct. With waiting rooms enabled the users will have to be admitted by the host.

onSinkMeetingUserJoin will be called when a user has joined the meeting regardless of who the participant listening is.

You would need to implement a custom meeting UI, for this level of customization.