How to Evaluate Performance Using Video SDK and Use Dashboard Metrics?


I am currently evaluating performance while running the react-demo of videosdk-web-sample on my local PC and monitoring the dashboard. The SDK being used is Video SDK.

The method involves launching the sample application on different ports, entering the same session, and checking while speaking alone on one PC.

Is it possible to measure the latency between the Zoom server and client PC using this method? Please suggest a better method for performance evaluation if any.

Also, I am not quite sure about how to use the dashboard. Which metrics should I use to measure the choppiness or slowness of the video between two parties?

I already looked over this report about the performance of zoom SDK but I would like to try smaller and quicker ways by using only my PC.

Hi @JT0617 ,

Thanks for your question. I’d try using the QoS (quality of service) endpoints from the Video SDK API to get a read of session metrics for different users (in your case, each port). The reference for the API should provide information on what each section of the returned object is measuring. Please let me know if this helps!