Delay in Video/Audio while using Zoom Video SDK in an Angular SPA

We use Zoom Video SDK in an Angular SPA (Angular v10.x)
Recently we received multiple reports from our users that they started to experience delays in Video and Audio after a while (normally after 25 mins).

We tried to reproduce the issue but in our tests, it works fine.

We noticed for almost all problematic video calls there was a huge delay in the “Device from Web Client” and “Device to Web Client” parameters in the Zoom reports.

What is the difference between these 4 items?

  • Device from Web Client
  • Web Client from MMR
  • Device to Web Client
  • Web Client to MMR

Can “Host Data Center” affect the video call quality/latency?
For some of the video calls the “Host Data Center” is “US” while we know both participants live in Europe and they don’t use a VPN connection.

In the Zoom dashboard, the client IP address of the participant who had such a huge delay belongs to Zoom itself.
for example:


  • Video calls always have only two participants
  • We enable/start Zoom Live transcription for one of the participants

Which Web Video SDK version?

Troubleshooting Routes

  • We already implemented the Angular specific suggestions mentioned here.

Hi @ink ,

Thank you for your question! Our engineers have spent some time investigating this issue, and have decided to open a support ticket on your behalf. Look forward to a follow-up soon.

Thank you,

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