How to extend the token date of expiry?{"code":124,"message":"Access token is expired."}

We are trying to be able to use Zoom’s API to publish meeting URLs to our Salesforce environment.
In the Sandbox, I was able to issue the URL without any problems, so I released it to Production and now the access token expired.
However, when I check oAuthApp, it does not seem to be expired yet.

If I run it under a different account, I can do it without any problem.
How do I update the token in this case?
Also, I would like to know why this token expired and how to prevent it from expiring in the future.

Thanks for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum, I am happy to help here!
You can not modify the date of expire of tokens generated with OAuth apps, they are valid for 1 hour and in order to get a new one, you must use your refresh token.