How to find API Key & API Secret?

Hi there

How do i find my API Key & API Secret when i am on a free zoom plan? Or do these require a paid plan?

The purpose is I would like to integrate my zoom account with my acuity scheduling account:

Thank you


  - sign in to

 - go to

 - fill in your application details (for the first time)

  • go to the API tab and you will see the API key/Sec.



Wei @ Zoom

login into your zoom account and paste this URL into another tab it will go to your login api and secret api settings…


When I put in that link, it directs me to a link asking me to sign up for a paid plan, $100/month, quite steep for someone like me just using it a couple times per month.  Is there a workaround for this?

I agree with Sarah.  This is insanely steep for the simple use of an API.  It’s the only time I’ve ever come across being charged for simple integration with another platform.  Surely there must be another option!

Hi Owen, 

Our API integration is a premium feature. We can add you as a Free Trial so that you can test your integration.  


Thanks Michael, but I signed up for Go To Meeting instead.  They’re integration to Bookafy is free and easy to complete as it only requires two clicks!

I’m wondering the same thing. I can see having a paid account for an API but paying 100 per month to integrate with my calendar?? haha no thanks I will go somewhere else. Who had that dumb idea?