What is the best plan for small app?


I want to use zoom for my app.

Want to know which is the best plan “basic, pro and business” , so that I can access all API’s.

Here is my requirement.

User should be able to login to Zoom and fetch/generate the Meeting URL so that meeting can be scheduled.

There is few other questions too:

  • Is Pro user cannot access the link  https://developer.zoom.us/me/ as it shows admin support permission needed? Do I need to buy another plan?
  • Is there any other way to generate access token to access token other than building an app in zoom? If there please let me know.
  • Is there any API for login into zoom?

Could you please advise?



Eventually you will need a Pro License to access the APIs. Our APIs will give you the ability to retrieve and generate the meeting URL fo scheduling. You will need to have your admin give you permission to access the https://developer.zoom.us/me/ link. 

Right now, if your app is used server to server for server to server integration, you can still use the API Key/Secret from developer.zoom.us instead of building your Zoom app in marketplace.