Zoom API key and secret required?

If I want to enable the user to merely open the zoom meeting link (join meeting) from my app, do I require an API key and secret (via JWT / OAuth)?

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The bot did not answer my question. I need to basically show a button saying “Join Meeting” that would take the user to the Zoom meeting (it’s okay if it’s in a new window). Would I need an API key and secret for this?

Hi @dhruvbhatia7,

How are you getting your join meeting URL? If you will be retrieving this from the join_url field returned by our one of our Meeting API endpoints, then you will need an API Key/Secret to authenticate your call.

Let me know if this helps to clarify!


Hi Will,
Thanks for the info! I’m getting the join meeting URL from Google Calendar (outside of the Zoom ecosystem). I do understand that it may not always have the Zoom meeting information, and I’m fine if it doesn’t in some cases.

As far as I understand, for this I don’t require any Zoom integration.

Please confirm and/or clarify.


Hey @dhruvbhatia7,

Thanks for clarifying—If you’re okay with grabbing the meeting ID from the URL, then this should suffice for your needs. You would only need an API key/secret if needed to fetch meeting details programmatically.

Let me know if this clarifies!

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