How to generate and start meeting in android sdk

Hi Zoom team,

I am using Android Meeting SDK using SDK_KEY and SDK_SECRET in android studio, when I update SDK app I found that I am not able to schedule meeting using meeting scheduleMeeting method which I were using previously.

After research I am able to create meeting using API after completing the auth flow in the same way our web is doing. I redirect user to, login on page and then authorize my company’s auth app and complete the flow after sending access_token which I got in response after authorize to backend server and get Zoom Access Token in response success.

I created the meeting using that Zoom Access Token but Now I am trying to start meeting using the Zoom Access token after parsing from start_url which I get in response of create meeting but it is asking me to enter passcode. Following is the code I am using to start meeting:

StartMeetingParamsWithoutLogin params = new StartMeetingParamsWithoutLogin(); params.meetingNo = meetingNo;
params.userId = userId;
params.zoomAccessToken = zak;
params.userType = 0;
params.displayName = name
ret = meetingService.startMeetingWithParams(context, params, opts);

Please help me out to know how can I start meeting in android sdk.

Version: v5.10.6.6361

Thank you

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