How to generate unique "start url" for each alternative host for meeting

Our team is implementing a custom integration between Salesforce and Zoom (via API v2), and now we faced some issues. Wondering if we can advise on them, please see more details below
What we want to achieve:
We use method to create meetings. In HTTP response we take response body with “start_url” URL. This URL contains encoded information about meeting owner, from our understanding, and if any user will launch this link, s/he can start meetings without authentication.
We would like to be able to allow multiple different users to start a Zoom meetings (as alternative hosts).

With our current implementation, if a meeting was created for user1, and then user2 follows start-URL, s/he will be automatically authorized as user1 (without any requests to login/password, etc).
If user2 clicks into join_url, even if his email is in settings.“alternate hosts” of the meeting, s/he will be required enter his login and password.

The question is how can we get a unique URL for each alternative host of one meeting, so that each alternative host can start a meeting by clicking into URL without any authentication.

Hi Andrey,

Thank you for contacting us. I am currently working on your issue and will respond to you as soon as I have an update.


Hello! Any updates? Our development still blocked with this issue :frowning:

Hi Andrey,

Apologies for the delayed response.

Currently, the start URL will be the same for all the alternative hosts, and they need to authenticate before they can start the meeting.

We are implementing zoom api’s.

Here when we create meeting, In response body start_url parameter is coming that helps to start the class for host.

Now my question is when i use start_url, It is asking for authentication all the time. I don’t want authentication I just want to click the url and enter into meeting.

How can i do this, please reply asap?

Hey @rohit,

Are you trying to use the Start URL to start the meeting in the browser, an iFrame, or the Zoom App?


My Web-APP has an authentication ( Users/rules ). I don’t want authentication when i use start_url, I just want to start meeting by alternative_host without authentication.
i want like a token or whatever to Start directly…

i use API to create meeting.


Hey @Hassine.Zarrat, thanks for posting and using Zoom!

Have you seen the Get User Token endpoint, which returns a token that you can use to start a meeting?


Hi @Tommy thank you for pointing this out!

Can I just confirm that the zak can be used to make the start url like this:

I’m assuming that the user has to be on the alt-host lists first, right?

Hey @abrams,

Correct, although the user would not need to be on the alt host list. Anyone with the start url with the Zak token can start the meeting.


Just a quick followup because I realized something you said I might’ve misinterpreted.

Let’s say Jennifer created the zoom meeting (#123456789) and is the host.
Jennifer adds Divardo as an alt-host for the meeting.
Jennifer does NOT add Alex as an alt-host for the meeting.

  1. If we get Jennifer’s Zak token (abcdef) would this link work to start the meeting in a private window with nobody logged in:
  2. If we get Divardo’s Zak token (ghijklm) would this link work to start the meeting in a private window with nobody logged in:
  3. If we get Alex’s Zak token (nopqrstuv) would this link work to start the meeting in a private window with nobody logged in even though Alex is not an alt-host:

We’re having the same question…

It would be very important for us that Alex’s Zak token would not work if he’s not a alt-host.
Otherwise, he would simply copy the Zak token and access any meeting he does not belong to…

We’re having also the same question regarding creating zak token access for non-host users, simply to access directly their meeting, without the need to be logged-in.


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I just tested this out and it seems that @Tommy is wrong. You must be the host or be on the alt-host list for your Zak token to be able to start the meeting.

This is preferred behavior for my case.

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That’s great! Thanks for your feedback.

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Hey @osdev, @abrams,

To clear things up, for the alternative host to work properly, they must be listed as an alternative host for the meeting, and then a join_url is sent to them. Upon clicking the join_url, and being logged into the Zoom App with the same email, they will start the meeting as the alternative host.

For the start_url, since the zak token is attached, it is basically like a password to start your meeting so it should only be distributed to the user you intend to start the meeting.