How to get audio data of only users who have consensus

We’d like to get audio data per user using cloud recording.
Those audio data should be restricted to the one of only users who have consensus because of personal information.

Use case

  1. Create an OAuth app using this Webhook All recording have completed.

  2. Only users who have consensus install the app.

  3. When a zoom meeting is held, there are several members: some of them install the app, on the other hand, the others don’t. Cloud recording is used in that meeting.

  4. When cloud recording is over, our application can get recording information.

I have a few question.
Q1. In this case, can we get audio data only from users who install the app?
Q2. Should we create an OAuth app at user-managed level or account level in this scenario?

Thank you for your help!!

@sanae.sometaya The best way to do this would be with a Meeting Bot, which can record the separate audio streams per participant. This way, participants who don’t consent won’t be recorded, and participants who do consent will be recorded. You can check out the guide here.

Another option is to use

It’s a unified API that lets you send meeting bots to video conferencing platforms to capture the audio and video streams in real-time, so only users who have consented will be recorded.