Multi stream audio recording

When cloud recording is enabled, I can retrieve a whole set of files for completed meetings, including different display modes for the video, audio only, etc.

Is there a way to get either:
-individual audio recording per participant, or
-multi-stream recording with each participant on a different audio stream, or
-a log of who spoke, when, and for how long

Also, is there a way to link meeting participants to meeting registrants?

Which Endpoint/s?
Endpoints of interest:

For context, I’m trying to align the audio with the speakers within the conference.

Hi @Paul_Fleming,

Welcome back to the Zoom Developer Forum. Please find the responses to your questions:

We do not have an individual recording, the only recording available is for the meeting.

You can consider subscribing to the Recording Transcript completed event.

You can get this from the Timeline file.

Yes, if they attended the meeting while being signed into the Zoom client with the same email address that they registered for the meeting.

I hope this helps. Please let me know if you have any other questions.