How to get Authorization Code in NodeJS?


I’m using OAuth App in Zoom.
I want to get Authorization Code in my NodeJS backend as it has to be copied from redirect url for each user every time someone wants to invoke the API.
Is there any way to do that.

Also I’m unable to get Authorization Code in redirect url in Chrome but I can get that in Internet Explorer.
Any specific reason for that?

Hi @aashay121202cse, the authorization code is returned as a code parameter to the redirect URL, so you can listen for a GET request on your redirect URL which includes the code query parameter.

Reference how we’re doing this on our OAuth Node Sample App

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Thanks Michael,

I’ll look into the solution you provided.
Please answer the second paragraph question also.


HI @aashay121202cse I’m not familiar with any reason why Chrome would not deliver the code in the request. Can you check your network requests for the GET request to see if is not delivering within specific browsers?