OAuth app - authenticate in an external application

Hey team,

I am an apprentice from Germany and I am currently in my first year of training :).
So I don’t know to much about using APIs at all.

My company gave me the order to use the Zoom API. So started to learn more about Nodejs.
As the documentation says I need to use OAuth to get the data from the API I want.
I created an OAuth app in the app marketplace and a Nodejs script that handles these request.
I successfully created a Nodejs script that calls the Meeting API and shows me my created Meeting when I click on “install” in my app on the app marketplace.
So far so good.

My goal is to create an Nodejs script which I can call from my PC that makes an request to the Zoom API. The problem which I got is the authentication. When I do the first POST request to this URL: https://zoom.us/oauth/authorize with the parameters which where described here: https://marketplace.zoom.us/docs/guides/auth/oauth I wont get my authorization code.
I probably know why. Its because i am not logged in with my Zoom account. Is their any chance to access the API without a login? Or do you know how I can access the authorization code without clicking on the “install” button in the browser when i am logged in?

I hope you can help me with this problem :slight_smile:


Hi @Marv! The authorization code is returned as a query parameter of the Redirect URL. Check our OAuth Sample App for how to check for this and then handle the request for an access token.

Are you not receiving this code in this query parameter?

Hey @michael.harrington I am getting the authorization code. But the Problem is i want to authenticate myself through a Nodejs script. At the moment i logging in from the App Marketplace and start my App. But i want to authenticate myself not through the browser.

Hey @Marv,

You should use the JWT auth flow instead. :slight_smile: