How to get consent of Android App Guide for how to use Zoom for cloud Meeting

Dear All, my application “ guide for online cloud meetings গাইড ক্লাউড মিটিং (com.banglaapps.guide_for_zoom_cloud_meetings) ” has suspened from the play store as you claimed Trademark Infringement policy.

Please note that this app is only a review type on how to use zoom for different official and personal purposes. I just show the procedure and how tos, for the user, I didn’t use your trademark as my own product, I just reviewed how to use zoom in my language bangla.

You know in bangladesh many people are using zoom for online class and other uses, but they are not properly familiar with the zoom that’s why I wanted to help them how to use zoom.

This app also helps and motivates users to use zoom to make their life easy in this digital erena, my application didn’t hamper your trademark but promote its use.

So please remove your claim as I can reinstate my app in the play store.

I didn’t use it as my own product. I have seen this type of review video on youtube so I was inspired to make a review type app based on Zoom uses.

Please give me permission and remove the claim as I can get back my account. After getting my account back I will unpublish your tread mark claimed app if you want. Please help me. I am in a serious crisis in the current global financial situation, you know. Please help me, the creator will help you.

N.B: I have seen some apps in the play store like my app in english language. I was inspired by those apps.

My app is similar to the above apps but in bangla language.

Please give me consent to republish the app.

My Application Description at Play store:

how to guide cloud meeting app how to do cloud online app online class?

আমাদের এবারের গাইড এর জুম মিটিং অ্যাপস গাইড এর মাদ্ধমে কিভাবে সহজে ক্লাউড মিটিং করবেন যেভাবে ওয়ার্ক ফ্রম হোম এর জনপ্রিয়তা বাড়ছে এই রকম একটা পরিস্তিতিতে।
আপ্নদের সঠিক ভাবে জানাবে কিভাবে সহজে জুম ক্লাউড মিটিং অ্যাপ গাইড ব্যাবহার করতে পারবেন।

in this guide type app you will know how to use zoom cloud meeting apps 2020. Also this app will help zoom meeting beginners guide as this cloud meeting app is very new for many people.

Please help how i can get consent for the zoom.

Md. Azgar Ali
Co Founder of All Bangla App 71 Store

Hello @mybackupdata1987 ,

We are happy to hear you enjoy the Zoom ecosystem and are developing apps in support. Can you please confirm going through the Zoom App Marketplace app publication process? Our App Review Team help enforce publishing guidelines for building public apps with Zoom technology and provide better insight.

Please let me know,