How to get gallery view in meeting sdk linux

In Linux Meeting Sdk is there any function which instead of providing me with individual raw data, can provide me the gallery view

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Please it would be of great help @chunsiong.zoom

@swatantra12singh are you asking if the raw video can provide you in gallery view mode?

You will have to implement that on your end @swatantra12singh

but when we start recording for multiple user if the user video is not on how can i get a screen as its in the zoom app, like my profile pic with black background, is it possible @chunsiong.zoom

either i have to write a ui or there is a function that can give me user buffer from the very beginning

plus i am asking cant i get a recorded video as if i was recording from a zoom app , all the user video in one frame a function similar to onMixedAudioRawDataReceived for audio files @chunsiong.zoom

@swatantra12singh ,

You will have to handle all these yourself when working with raw video / raw audio on Linux Meeting SDK

  • gallery view
  • black frames when users are not sending video
  • muxing of audio into the composite video

Alternatively you can look at Meeting SDK for Windows. This would need to run on a Windows environment with GUI. There is a local recording functionality within Meeting SDK for Windows.

thanks it was great help