How to get meeting details and schedule meetings with employee's organisation account?

We are using Zoom Client with our employee’s organization account Signing in with organization SSO

We need to implement the features given below in our iOS and Android app. From our mobile app, we need to view our team meetings, able to schedule meetings, and optionally get contacts all with our organization account Without having the Zoom Client installed

  • Schedule meeting
  • View meetings
  • View contacts

Is it possible to view our/ our team meeting details from our organization?
Can we schedule a meeting with our team members?
Can we get our contacts also?

May I know if this is possible? Please give us the necessary links that will help us to work with

Hi @harishvgk, thanks for using the dev forum.

The Meeting SDK does not support managing or scheduling meetings, so that would need to be done through the REST API. For any questions related to using the REST API, you can use the #api-and-webhooks category. :slightly_smiling_face:


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