How to get 'my' shared screen raw data?


i am developing using Video SDK in the electron environment. (See zoom-video-sdk-electron-demo-1.1.1)

i am trying to get my screen shared raw data for make recording

raw data of my video can be received in Subscribe(using RAW_DATA_TYPE_VIDEO)
but using RAW_DATA_TYPE_SHARE is not received raw data.
(i confirmed that received raw data of the screen shared by other people.)

Is there a way for me to receive the ‘my’ shared screen raw data?

Which Desktop Video SDK version?
Video SDK Windows 1.1.1

Hey @smilejp,

Thanks for using the dev forum!

Unfortunately, the SDK does not support this behavior.


hello, @Michael_Condon

Thank you for quick response.

is there any plan to support recording (cloud or local) or receive RAW_DATA_TYPE_SHARE raw data?

Hey @smilejp,

There have been discussions about adding a recording feature to the Video SDK, but we do not have any firm plans yet.