How can the raw (shared) stream data be accessed?

To be precise, I’m trying to get the (desktop) shared stream from a Zoom meeting and display it inside an application I’m building inside Unreal Engine. The idea is to enable active collaboration during development. The video streams element are drawn inside a hwnd container and providing one is almost impossible. There are two options that seem plausible to me-
(1) Process the raw data before it is sent by host and use that in my application
(2) Process the data after it is received by other users and use that in my application

I see classes like IShareRawDataChannel and YUVRawDataI420 that could potentially solve my issue but most of the forum posts indicate that these are yet to be released to the public. Could @Zoom_Staff please clarify the status of these functions and indicate the feasibility of the two options I’ve listed?

Windows SDK 5.0.24433.0616


Hi @prashanth,

Thanks for using Zoom SDK. Yes, the raw data feature is not yet publicly available so the class you are mentioning will not work at the moment.


Thanks for the quick response @Carson_Chen!

A couple of follow-up questions,

  1. Does not publicly available mean that having there is a form of developer account which does have access to these functions?
  2. I noticed the webinars functionality that Zoom provides could be useful in solving this, albeit differently. (Do indicate if this is the wrong place to ask about it!) Since there has to be a server from where the broadcast takes place, would it be possible to get this url if I were to host a webinar?


Hi @prashanth,

Thanks for the reply. Regarding your questions:

1). Currently, there is no developer account that could access these functions. We are still investigating the feasibility to make this feature more accessible and will keep everyone posted.
2). I might not be the best person to speak with regarding this question, please contact Zoom client support at and one of the Zoom experts will be happy to assist you. :slight_smile:


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Hi I am trying to work on a similar integration into Unreal. Would be happy to collaborate if you are interested. Thanks

Hi Darin,

I am looking to do something similar in this area. I’d be happy to collaborate if you would like.



@Darin @Jonaskinny

Sure, sound good to me! I’ve built a primitive solution that works. I’m curious to see what you guys have in mind :smiley:

Hey Prashanth,

Wanted to circle back with you on my solution in case it might help you with yours.

I validated that - for my needs - we can set the single window to be shared in code, in the same way one would use the ui client, and in the case of using code the shared window remains the shared window regardless of whether or not the host switches what is on their (single) monitor. This is different from the default behavior of the ui client (always reverts back to what is on the host’s screen, regardless of what was designated as the ‘single window’ to share. There must be code in the proprietary c++ zoom desktop SDK (likely everywhere the ui client exists) to override the single share window selection, since nothing on the C# side indicates we need to manage this in code. I have no idea how to address the difference, but at least for my needs I was able to validate that it works as one would assume - at least in code :wink:

-initialize zoom sdk - App.Application_Startup
-authorize zoom sdk (I did this and the below in the MainWindow.x.aml.cs.button_auth_Click for convenience)
-authenticate jwt (may not be needed for my flow)
-login user (not needed for my flow)
-start meeting.

Good luck with your projects, and I enjoyed collaborating with you Prashanth!

Hi, is the feature for accessing the raw data available yet?

Hey @zoomtest430

Thanks for using the dev forum. Unfortunately, this is still not available. However, I will inform this thread if it does become available in the future :slight_smile: