Sending raw screenshare video and audio

Is it possible to send raw screenshare video or raw screenshare audio?

For example, for the android sdk, we can receive raw screenshare audio by creating a ZoomVideoSDKVirtualAudioSpeaker and then implementing onVirtualSpeakerShareAudioReceived. Is the reverse possible? Can we send raw screenshare audio?

The sample app demonstrates sending raw audio using ZoomVideoSDKVirtualAudioMic. However, raw audio sent in this way is received by other users as microphone audio, and not screen share audio.

So it seems like when another user screen shares, you can receive its raw video and raw audio. However, you can’t provide raw video and raw audio in a way that another user receives it as screen share.


  1. Is it correct that you cannot provide raw video or raw audio for screen share?
  2. Are there any other versions of the video SDK where this is possible?

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Hi there! Sorry for the late reply.

I’m confirming if this is still the case for you now - however, I believe you can send and receive raw data now -

Hope this helps.

I confirmed this will be possible in version 5.13.