How to get my sharing content back using ZoomSDKRenderer

I am using raw data API for receiving video of remote participants and sending video of the local participant.

When I try to subscribe ZoomSDKRenderer to get my sharing content (that I share via ZoomSDK) I get ‘unknown’ error as a result of subscribing method.

But when I used ZoomSDKShareElement It was possible to get my sharing content back.

Is there a way to receive my sharing content raw data?


  1. I am trying to subscribe ZoomSDKRenderer only when I have received ZoomSDKShareStatus_SelfBegin in ZoomSDKASControllerDelegate method:
    func onSharing(_ status: ZoomSDKShareStatus, user userID: UInt32)

  2. To start sharing content I use ZoomSDKASController methods:
    startAppShare(_ windowID: CGWindowID) - for a window sharing
    startMonitorShare(_ monitorID: CGDirectDisplayID) - for a screen sharing

Hi, is any update here?
Could I help to reproduce this case?
Please feel free to ask me if you need any additional information.

If you need help to reproduce this behavior just let me know :wink:

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