My zoom sdk stopped sharing video and content after upgrade (iOS)

After upgrading zoom SDK my video share and content share stopped working. Could you help me if there some changes on settings or anything else. I spend almost a day to dig this issue.
I look forward your answer.


Hi @infoiskandar,

Thanks for using Zoom SDK. Could you elaborate the issue you are facing? Could you provide the following information:

  1. What is the SDK version that was working and what is the SDK version you are using now that is not working?
  2. Is this reproducible with our demo app? If so, what are the steps to reproduce this?
  3. Are you getting any errors or crash log?


Hi @infoiskandar,

Thanks for the reply. Based on the error info provided, the error code onJoinaMeeting ret: 150 means “Invalid Arguments”. Please try to pass the required information to join a meeting.

Regarding the video share and content share not working issue, could you provide more info on this. It will be hard for us to troubleshoot this if we do not know the error messages that are related to this issue, or if we are not able to reproduce it on our side.

Looking forward to hearing from you. Thanks!