Not Receiving participant_user_id in Webhooks

According to the webhook documentation: the expected behaviour is that we are supposed to receive participant_user_id in the webhook payload

According to my understanding, if a user is logged into Zoom, we should be able to receive this field in the webhook payload but the current behaviour is that we are not receiving this field even though the user joining the meeting is logged into Zoom.

    "payload": {
        "account_id": "wefjwefio",
        "object": {
            "uuid": "fwljelfjwejf",
            "participant": {
                "user_id": "welkjfklewjf",
                "user_name": "ljflkwejfl",
                "id": "nflwenkflnwe",
                "join_time": "2023-01-17T09:54:11Z",
                "email": "",
                "participant_uuid": "fwejfkwejf"
            "id": "fjwelkjfklew",
            "type": 1,
            "topic": "lkjflkwejf",
            "host_id": "ewkjfklewjf",
            "duration": 4324324234,
            "start_time": "2023-01-17T09:39:31Z",
            "timezone": ""
    "event_ts": 3424234234234,
    "event": "meeting.participant_joined"

As seen above, in the participant object there is no field for participant_user_id. Is this a bug or am I missing something here?

Hi @mubashira.salman , you are correct and thank you for flagging this. We need to update the json response for this event. In the interim, you can use as this is the same value as participant.partcipant_user_id even though it is set to be deprecated. I am following up with our docs and API team about this (ZOOM-295044, DEVELOPERS-1916).

Thank you! :smiling_face: Let me know whenever there’s any update on this

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Of course! I’ve made a new request for the docs team (DEVELOPERS-3654).

@mubashira.salman , can you confirm if the participants are external users to your account?

Hey, yes the example payload attached is of an external user

Thank you for confirming. I have some thoughts, but waiting for final guidance and will update you then!

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