API to get participant's email id


We are using Account level OAuth app and we are using webhook to get notified when someone joins a meeting.

We believe that if the participant joined the meeting via a zoom client or web (not just phone) he must have used an email id to create his zoom account first.
So, on getting a notification that the participant joined the meeting, we would like to find out the email id the participant used.

But all we get in the webhook notification is user_id and id fields. And I don’t see any API that would let me map either of these to the participant’s email id.
The /users API returns an error saying “User <user_id> not exist or not belong to this account”

So how do I get the email id of the participant who joined the meeting?

Hey @Urjit,

You can only get a participants email if they are apart of your Zoom account, or if your meeting requires registration to join.

Then you will be able to get their email in the reports api.


Hey @tommy,

Thanks for your response.
Are there any APIs that would work with the active meetings and help me get participants’ email ids?
The reports API you mentioned seem to work with past meetings (“Get participant report for a past meeting.”)


Also a follow up question -

As a meeting host, I see options like ‘rename’, ‘Put in waiting room’ and ‘Remove’ in the meeting UI. Are these actions also available via APIs?

Hey @Urjit,

You can use the Participant Joined Meeting webhook to map the participant with the registrants to get the email.

Not in the API, but they are available if using the SDKs.