How to get profile info incl pic?

Can someone tell me how to retrieve user’s profile info including the profile picture?

Hi @tmiskiew,

Thanks for the post. Currently there is no interface in SDK to retrieve the user’s profile including the profile picture. You may use the Zoom API for this purpose:



To use API in an app build on SDK

  1. We need to register a separate oath app on Zoom Marketplace to get client id and secret for the API

  2. User would need to login into Zoom API to generate oath 2 token (this login is independent from SDK based zoom login)

How is this supposed to work? Wouldn’t the user have to log in twice? One time for SDK and one time for the API? What’s the solution here? At the moment we’re using JWT token for SDK authentication.

@carson.zoom any news on this? How shall we handle this? We use JWT token for SDK. How can we access API for users profile pic? I don’t want my users to have login twice? What’s the solution here?

@carson.zoom I really need your help.

Hi @tmiskiew,

Thansk for the reply. Yes, you are right. If your user does not belong to your account, then you will need to create an OAuth app in order to access the user’s info from Zoom API.

If your user’s profile is under your account, then you could use the Zoom API directly with your API key & secret, and call the corresponding API to get the user info.

I understand it is frustrating. Since there is no interface to get the profile picture in SDK(and I have asked the engineering team if it is possible to add this, and the engineering team wen through the privacy & security team on this, and found out we are not able to provide such interface in the SDK), so using the API would be the only solution right now. Pardon the inconvenience.

Hope this helps. Thanks!