Zoom API Single-Sign-On (SSO)


Dear Developers and Experts,

Thank you for reading this thread. My project requires me to develop a single-sign-on page that when the user visits the company website and logs in, the user is automatically logged to Zoom account site (https://zoom.us/profile) as well.

I am looking at several API calls here: https://developer.zoom.us/playground/#/Users, but none of them is user confirmation, that is, the user exists and is active in our account network.

Could you provide me with some hints? Or my logic here is not as correct as it appears.

Thank you again!



Hi @Kevin_Lu

You can use the List Users API and set the parameter inactive/active to see if the user is active within your account. https://marketplace.zoom.us/docs/api-reference/zoom-api/users/users

Let us know if this works for you.



Hi Michael,

Thank you for your email. Another question, when I go to GET # /users/{userId}/token, when I click “Get Access Token” button, where is the client secret? I am sure it is not API secret as I have tested it. I was unable to find it on my account.

Also, for client ID, is it my Zoom account username?



Hi @Kevin_Lu,

To get your client ID and secret you will need to go to marketplace.zoom.us, select the OAuth app of your choice. Then select the App credentials tab.
An example is listed in the link below.

Also, you Client ID/Secret are for OAuth based calls and the API Key/Secret are for JWT server to server API calls.

Hope this helps!