How to get the correct access token through a webhook metadata

I have the same questions,,
"I have an account level oauth app. The idea is this app gets webhooks from different accounts.

When I get a webhook I want to use the access token to do something.

In order to do that I need to know which access token to use based on the account id in the webhook."
For example, when a recording completed event come, I’ll get the meeting id, I want to get the meeting detail, so I need to call{meetingId} with Bearer token, but how do I find the access token through the webhook metadata?(The admin authorized our App, I’ll get the access token, but I can’t get the corresponding access token to this event)
Many thanks!

Hi @escape813 ,

We do not officially support the process you’re attempting. Access tokens are not available via webhook by design, but here’s a way to retrieve them to match to account id during initial authorization:

Hope this helps!

Thanks for your help. I have another question, about the definition of the account id, any user in zoom account is one account id, or any user in zoom account has a different account id?

I know from practice that the account ID of the event of the user under the same account is the same . So an account has only a unique account ID, is that right?

Hi @escape813 , yes this is correct. Any user under the same account will have the same account id. They will have different user ids.

Thanks very much. I know what I gotta do

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