How to get the participants list of an ongoing meeting

API Endpoint(s) and/or Zoom API Event(s)
Meetings API

I am trying to create a script which fetches a list of all the participants of a zoom ID I have joined currently.
And at the 2minute mark, automatically send a slack message to all the users who have not joined the meeting … reminding them to join.

I have found the following APIs:

  • Users who are supposed to join a meeting: /meetings/{meetingId}/registrants
  • Users who have actually joined a meeting: /past_meetings/{meetingId}/participants … but this seems to be for “past meetings”

I cant find a API to fetch the participants in a currently ongoing meeting.
I see there is a previous post: How to get the participants list of meeting - #2 by tommy
Asking the same, but all the links in that answer are dead and do not help …

Specifically - I am looking to find the people who are present in my personal meeting room currently


You need to:
1] Use the participant joined / left events to get the data real time
2] Or use the list meeting participants dashboard api

Thanks. Looks like I don’t have an list meeting participants dashboard api requires a zoom business or above plan which I don’t have

So, using the webhooks I can get the data and then maintain my own state of which meeting started when with which participants joined/left.
It’s a bit of work … Would be nice if there was a simpler API provided for the Zoom Pro accounts too

But thans for confirming these are the only 2 options available currently