How to get the status of a zoom room on Scheduling Dispaly via Zoom APIs

Hi everyone

Testing environment:

  • Zoom Room *1, (Purchase Zoom Rooms licenses online)
  • Zoom Scheduling Dispaly *1
  • Zoom Controller *1
  • Zoom Client *1

I thought I could get room’s status by using Zoom APIs – List Zoom Rooms,
(There are three statuses here, including InMeeting, Offline, and Available).

However, during actual testing, I found that if you leave the meeting during the scheduled meeting time (for example, scheduled for 50 minutes, but exit the meeting from the Zoom Controller only after 10 minutes)

At this time, what you see on the Scheduling Display is Busy instead of the status of exiting the meeting( it should be Available, because I have already exited the meeting ), and the status returned by the ZOOM APIs List Zoom Rooms is Available.

The problem here is that the status displayed by the Scheduling Display does not match the status returned by the ZOOM APIs List Zoom Rooms.


Scheduling Display:

So does anyone know how to get the status on the Scheduling Display?

Hi @evan_kao
Thanks for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum and sorry for the late reply here!
Have you been able to troubleshoot this on your end? Are you still looking for guidance on this matter?

Hello @elisa.zoom

I haven’t resolved this matter yet. :pensive: May I ask if there is a ZOOM API that can retrieve the status from a Scheduling Display?
This status is based on the meeting states listed on a Scheduling Display, rather than whether the Zoom Room have actually opened the meeting, including an instant meeting, an scheduled meeting, a recurring meeting and a prescheduled meeting, etc.

For example, I would like a API to be able to return back if I see “Busy” on the Scheduling Display, the API may return “InMeeting,” and if I see “Available,” the API may return “Available.”