How to handle Chrome "Stop Sharing" when using Zoom stream startShareView()

Need a way to handle an event when the user click the Chrome “Stop Sharing”.
When the user click Chrome “Stop Sharing”, the screen sharing is just left with the static image.

Is there a way to listen to that event callback so that I can clear the canvas? or,
How do you hide that Chrome “Stop Sharing” popup?

Which Web Video SDK version?
Zoom Instant-sdk-web-1.0.3

To Reproduce(If applicable)

1. const stream = client.getMediaStream();
2. stream.startShareView("canvasId");
3. screen is shared on the "canvasId". But, on Chrome, it also displays a pop up extension of "Stop Sharing".
4. Clicking on Chrome "Stop Sharing" button will leave the canvas with a static image.


Hey @joecodingjourney

passively-stop-share event will fit your need.

And the Chrome screen share bar cannot be hidden.


Thanks Vic! this will do the job.

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Thanks @vic.yang ! :slight_smile:


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