How to hide UI?

I am doing some development for my project.
We are using native Zoom SDK.
Our requirement is that, all the input should be taken from function or some other service.
Current window is opening and we are providing data line JWT SDK token, zoom meeting id etc. We want to do it automatically by providing data.
How it’s possible?
Can anyone help me?

Hi, @viju.nerkar4,

Thank you for posting in the Developer Forum. First, it is strongly recommended to authenticate with OAuth instead of JWT. To learn more about OAuth on Zoom, see our support documentation here. Additionally, for Native SDK development-related questions, I recommend posting in the perspective category [i.e #meeting-sdk:ios or #meeting-sdk:android ]. Our developer team there will be a wonderful resource to you. They can answer any questions in relation to developing with the Native SDK.

Let me know if you have any questions about this.


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