How to hook 'camera on' event (or other ways to track camera-on time)

We run online courses, (6 hours a day 5 days a week) and need to know when (that) learners have their cameras on.

I was hoping for a webhook - and notifications, such that I could log the camera on/off events for participants - but that doesn’t seem to exist

List meeting participants:-

Tells us that they have a camera… and what type it is - but not whether it is on?

The meeting reports (live and retrospective) feature QoS information - but don’t appear to tell us when the cameras were on (or for what fraction of the call)

Presence ‘status update’ doesn’t appear to help.

The closest I found was a reference in the SSH/CLI docs

zStatus Video Camera Line

But it feels like a red herring

I have spent a couple of hours now trawling the docs

This seems like such a common requirement that it’s hard to beleive it doesn’t exist

Perhaps you can point me in the right direction?

Thanks in advance


Hello Zoom people?

Hi @nickax this is not available at this time but can be submitted as a #feature-requests !

That’s disappointing

Looking at the list of feature requests… I don’t hold out a lot of hope

I will see if there is any way I can fudge it through polling the QoS stats

In the absence of camera webhooks - I intend poll - The Video_input properties from the QoS metrics at{meetingId}/participants/{participantId}/qos


If there is no change in any of their stats - I will assume their camera is off

I don’t need to tell you how ugly this is

Hi @nickax , I greatly appreciate your feedback here!


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