How to Import past zoom meeting information to Google sheets automatically using appscript

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I looking for an apps script code which will import automatically the past and future zoom meetings and webinar data like meeting id, meeting time, host name, duration, No of participants, etc. to google sheets.

Tried couple of script but it didn’t work.

Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?

Which Endpoint/s?{meetingID}

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Additional context
Need to automate this to make our dashboards dynamic and without manual work

Hey @mohammed_zaid,

Thanks for reaching out! To clarify, have you run into any issues with hitting the Zoom APIs to retrieve this info? Or are just looking for tips on how to incorporate this into a script?


I tried this, it works but not able to parse the information in to a table and it is not showing all records:

import json
from zoomus import ZoomClient

import pandas as pd

client = ZoomClient(‘API Key’, ‘Secret Key’)

user_list_response = client.user.list()
user_list = json.loads(user_list_response.content)


Thanks for clarifying @mohammed_zaid!

Since this is not a Zoom specific issue, I might recommend checking out StackOverflow or a similar resource for parsing API responses.


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