How to inbuild an application into zoom so that it pops up on the right side like the participants list

I am trying to build an application that pops up inside zoom just like polls and the participation and chats windows. How would I do that? What app type should I use for this? App types: App Marketplace

Hi @puranjayprashanth,

If you wish to develop an in-meeting app, you can request early access to Zoom Apps by filling out this interest form:

Someone from our team will then be in touch.


Thanks, I filled out the form. Cannot wait to get started.

Great, you’ll be added to the interest group and this team should be in touch!


Hi Will!

I have entered my email in the form, but i’ve only got a pop-up window.
Can you tell if I was added to the interest group? And when can I expect early access, at least approximately?
We have some great ideas based on your new appmarket features)

Hi @andrey.greshnev,

If you’ve submitted your email, this is all that should be necessary. Someone from our early access team should be in touch!


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