What app type should we use

We would like to create an “embedded” application within zoom similar to what we see for Mural. Where during the meeting a host can click on Apps and share the app with the participants. Which app type should we use for this?

When we click on creating the app we see the following options:
-Json web token

In the submit support ticket there is one additional option: Zoom App.
Is there something special we need to do to see this option during create app?

Which App?

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Hi @irina2,

Thanks for reaching out about this! What you’re describing sounds like our Zoom Apps capability.

As Zoom Apps are still in a closed beta while we prepare for General Availability, this is not yet available.

We are hoping, however, to have more details on timing for GA very shortly. Once released for GA, you will see this integration capability offered in our developer marketplace, along with documentation and other resources.

We’re getting close—stay tuned! :tv: :slight_smile:


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