How to integrate or modify elements

Hello, I am a junior web developer and for integrated a company, they gave me as missions to modify the interface visio by putting the colors of the company.


However, I can not find how to do it. And I do not know if this modification is done directly from “your application”, as the modification of the header, footer of the home page.


Could you give me printouts of the steps to:

  • Change the color or shape of a button on a video interface button

  • Add features, such as a drop-down menu with choices (attached images)

  • How to write a query, read in the documentation, in our code






Sorry that the question is not about our api. You can connect our support team to find if there are any suggestions

Thank you for your answer. Precisely, it’s your support team who advise my question here, because the developers could answer me. 

Is it possible that I am in the wrong forum

Hi Sebastien,

The code on Github ( is just a sample for you to understand how to use the SDK. In order to use the SDK, Please make sure you include "<script src=“"></script>”.

You have to implement your own website and the other required elements. Currently Zoom Web SDK provide the following UI customization: