How to integrate webinar within a wordpress website?

I need to integrate webinar within a wordpress website. One things must me consider,

User must sign in to our site, before accessing the webinar. No other people can join even if they have the url/password without logged in to out site.

How it’s possible?

I would love to know the same. Please share the answers!


Currently, we do not officially support Wordpress. If you want to use Zoom with wordpress, it will have to be a custom integration. We do have an API to force only signed in users to join the webinar -


 I think to do that:

1 - Plugin with content restriction 2 - Create a page by transmission 3 - Create through API a shorcode that embeds the transmission. I think it is possible to develop it.

Hey @Rajib_Deb
You can refer to the Zoom WordPress Plugin offered by us, here is a guide specifically for setting up the Zoom Webinars on WP.

For the login restriction for Webinars, you can use this plugin along with a membership plugin that would restrict logged in users to access the page with the webinar shortcode.

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Thanks @elearningevolve for sharing!