How to join meeting as host using Web SDK


I am using web SDK to join a meeting and server-to-server OAuth for creating a meeting.

When joining the meeting i am passing the Role=1 in signature to join as host.

but On the admin dashboard, it shows as a guest …

I want to join as Host because i don’t want the "Your call is being recorded message " Popup.
Auto recording in enabled by the admin…

I am using the latest web SDK.
You can see code in the image :



Admin Dashboard:

Please help me joining into the meeting as a host so "Your call is being recorded message " popup will not show!


you must passing the zak token in your join function, this where u can get the host’s zak token

Hi Rakha,

thanks for your support!

I am now able to join as a host.

but still getting the "Your call is being recorded message " Popup.

it should not come when I am meeting the host!

i am using ZoomMtgEmbedded from ‘@zoomus/websdk/embedded’;



Please double-checked that automatic recording is not enabled on the Account level. Here is our support documentation on that :

You should also check to see if an automatic recording is disabled for the meeting you are joining. You can do so by hitting the get a meeting endpoint or by checking the auto_recording property value when creating a meeting :


Create Meeting

Get a meeting

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