How to log the user into the MeetingsSDK

We are using the MeetingsSDK v5.12.2, having recently upgraded from 5.7, and we’re noticing an issue. We are working on building out functionality for webinars, which includes supporting the meeting setting:

Screen Shot 2022-11-01 at 11.08.31 AM

However, the ZoomSDK.isLoggedIn() method always returns false. Even when we were using v5.7 and the loginWithEmailAndPassword() method, we were still getting a result of false after logging in. The ZoomSDK.isInitialized() is working as expected, but we are unable to find documentation on how to log the user in. The ZoomSDK.tryAutoLoginZoom() method did not work.

Could you please provide guidance on how to log users into the MeetingsSDK? Without this, our users are not able to join meetings that require authentication.


Thank you for posting in the Zoom Developer Forum. You can authenticate users using Proof Key For Code Exchange (PKCE). The PKCE flow is designed to authenticate native or mobile application users. To learn more, please see our help documentation below for PKCE implementation guidance:

@donte.zoom thank you for the link, but we are already using an OAuth flow to get an access and ZAK token. After this process, the Meetings SDK itself says we are not logged in. This is not allowing us to join meetings that require authentication after going through the OAuth flow. Currently that flow looks like

Splash screen → OAuth login → Home Screen → Join Meeting Screen

By the time the Join Meeting screen is reached we have an access token, are able to obtain a ZAK token, and able to join/start all other meeting types with these tokens besides the meetings requiring authentication.

I hope this provides a bit more context. Do you have any further guidance?

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@donte.zoom I just wanted to bump this conversation so it doesn’t close.

We are still experiencing the issue where a ZAK token does not show that the user is authenticated why trying to join a meeting that requires authentication. My team has confirmed from another discussion with Zoom that the SDK PKCE is not what our issue is. We are using the ZAK token to both start and join meetings. If we are trying to join a meeting that requires authentication to join, the ZAK token is not showing that the user is authenticated when users of our app try to join the meeting.

Could you provide some guidance on how to proceed with using the ZAK token, or perhaps another means, to join an authenticated-users-only meeting?