How to join as host without login in the latest version of mobile sdk

From the online document, we can join the meeting with mobile sdk without login. Say, provide the userId, zoomToken and zoomAccessToken. But, i can not set zoomToken in the latest android sdk. So, I can not join as host with API User mode. Could you help advise it. Thanks so much!

Hey @henry1,

Thanks for using the dev forum! Sorry about the confusion.

You can join a meeting without logging in if you provide the meeting number and meeting password.

You can also start a meeting (as host or participant) without logging in, if you know the meeting number. For this use-case you only need to obtain a ZoomAccessToken.
To retrieve a ZoomAccessToken the api call is:

"" + userId + "/token?type=zak&access_token=" + jwtAccessToken

If you do not know the meeting number and would like to start an Instant Meeting, the user must log in.

Hope this helps!

Thanks for your input.
To obtain the zak, is it ok to access the api with oauth access token?
While, from the online document, to join as host without login. it also need the zoomToken. Do you mean it is obsoleted in the latest mobile sdk?
This behavior is available for both android and iOS, right? How about for windows/mac and web sdk?

Hey @henry1

The Android and iOS SDK’s do not support OAuth for this at this time.
You do not need a zoomToken in the latest mobileSDK only the ZAK.